GONGHUHA Increased Nutrition Cream 50 g


Increased Nutrition Cream

This is a high nutritive and high moisturizing double functional cream The moment you wear this cream, it can be sticked on the skin fast, and make it maintain moisture for a long time, balancing moisture and oil properly


Concentrated dual functional cream that improve skin flexibility and softness by penetrating deeply special saponin and active ingredient form herbal extract
Silky rich texture like cushion
Soft moisturizing membranes making skin barrier stronger contained Beta glucan ingredient
Soft texture of excellent moisturizing
Building moist protection on the skin makes the skin moist power itself much stronger
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SKU: GONGHUHA Increased Nutrition Cream 50 g



Made by edible red ginseng :

GONGHUHA We created GONGHUHA, which is effective even absorbed by the skin as it is, which used to make high-content red ginseng health functional food

Food manufacturing technology more than 20 years of experience. BTGin Co .. Ltd. Specialty in specific saponins Rg3 and Compound-K Development enzymatic red ginseng methods for absorption into the skin


Manufacturing facility recognized world best class level


ISO 22716 : Certification of International

quality standards manufacturing facility International Quality Standards Certificate ensuring quality and safety for manufacturing tacilities meeting 17 strict conditions.

Certification for international quality manufacturing facility


BTEX-D, patented functional raw material


Efficacy of BTEX-D is recognized in the reputable organization.
It is registered as a patented functional raw material tor improving wrinkles at MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), and as raw material registration(ICID) at PCPC(Personal Care Products Council) in USA.


Cosmetics that can be used safely with rare and precious natural ingredients


In the skin non-irritation tester conducted by Dermatology Clinical Center in Dermapro Inc,. , the irritation level was also judged to be 0.0%, proving that it is a non-irritating cosmetics

Skin Non-Irritation Test Completed

Researchers of GONGHUHA R&D center who have been studying saponin dermatology over 20 years developed the enzyme red ginseng (ECS) method that absorbs into the skin deeply.

We developed ‘GONGHUHA’ containing special saponin Rg3 and BTEX-D having a large amount of Compound-K that has big effects for solving wrinkle problems.



The product can have very good effects that are being increased infant cells, promoting composition of collagen and elastin reinforced skin immunity at the broken skin barrier as getting old.

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