The Root Original Capsules

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The Root Original – Premium Grade Red Ginseng Capsules – Ginseng Benefit for Boost Energy Supports – 60 Capsules for Men & Women Health

  • – Recommended Uses For Product Boost Stamina & Immune
  • – Supports Focus Energy & Immune
  • – Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Laboratory Tests
  • – 60 Vegan Capsules

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Ginseng Capsules

The Root Original

Premium Grade Red Ginseng Capsules – Ginseng Benefit for Boost Energy Supports – 60 Capsules for Men & Women Health

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About The Root Original

The Root Original is a whole root powder ginseng product that includes not only high levels of ginsenosides, but also other beneficial components of ginseng. It is enhanced with Ginsenoside Rg3 through BTGin’s patented bio technology and is free from the risks associated with the burning process used to create black ginsengs. The product has higher levels of ginsenosides, which contribute to improved immunity and better antioxidant support. Each batch is lab tested for quality and safety, and the Btgin facility is GMP, HACCP, and ISO22000 certified.

  1. Contains whole root powder: Unlike many ginseng products that are made through an extraction process, The Root Original contains whole root powder which retains all the other beneficial components of ginsengs in addition to ginsenosides.
  2. Enhanced with Ginsenoside Rg3: The Root Original is manufactured using BTGin’s patented bio-technology which enhances the ginsenoside Rg3 content without burning any part of the ginsengs, resulting in a safer product free from any potential harmful black components.
  3. Better Antioxidant and Immune Support: The Root Original contains a higher amount of ginsenosides compared to regular red ginseng which contributes to stronger immunity and antioxidant support.
  4. Lab Tested: Every batch of The Root Original is tested for quality control by Btgin’s R&D Institute, guaranteeing its quality in terms of ginsenosides, microbiological tests, pesticide tests, and heavy metal tests.
  5. Certified GMP, HACCP, ISO22000: Btgin’s facility in Korea where The Root Original is manufactured is certified GMP, HACCP, and ISO22000, ensuring that the product is made under clean and safe conditions.

Heath Benefit


  • Instant energy boost
  • Increased immunity
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Enhanced athletic endurance and stamina
  • Supports libido and sexual health
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Increases nitric oxide synthases
  • Provides strength and fast recovery for people going through chemotherapy
  • Better antioxidant and immune support
  • Contains ginsenosides which contribute to strengthening immunity


Product details

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.15 x 3.15 x 3.74 inches; 8.47 Ounces
  • Package : 60caps x a glass bottle / set (pure Korean panax ginseng root powder 18000mg)
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ BTGIN CO., LTD.
  • 6 Year old Panax Ginseng for Pro athlete, Elderly, Retiree

Whole Ginseng Roots By The Most Advanced Ginseng Technology

The Root Original uses novel ginsenoside Rg3 enriched ginseng roots(Rg3=2.5mg/g).
That means The Root Original contains more than 8times more rare ginsenoside Rg3 than general red ginseng roots, or 2times more rare than its extract(concentrate).
Ginsengs have amazingly long tradition and history. Science and technology have been advancing for the long time also. BTGIN has researched ginsengs only for 20 years and you can now experience the most advanced ginseng technology product!

6-year-old Korean Ginseng Root Part Only
Lots of international ginseng products are manufactured from not only roots but also other extra parts such as leaves to enhance saponins (ginsenosides) in low cost. It is also too bitter to consume.
We, BTGIN, the manufacturer guarantee to use 100% root parts only harvested from South Korea.

How To Enjoy The Root Original?

1. For People Who Do Not Like Bitterness
Don’t Worry Of Strong Taste Or Smell Of Gisnengs By Capsules.
You can just take 2capsules a day simply without any taste or smells of ginsengs for your healthy daily life. Bring capsules anywhere you go.

2. For People Who Want Genuine Ginseng Powder 100% Pure
To Experience Taste & Smells Of 100% Pure Ginseng Powder,
You can easily open The Root Original capsules so you can try the 100% powder as it is or with enough water.

Superior Quality

Introducing The Root Original – the Korean ginseng powder that is unlike any other on the market. Unlike other ginseng products that are extracted, The Root Original is made from whole root powder, ensuring that you get all of the nutrients and benefits of the ginseng root. With a high amount of ginsenosides, The Root Original provides better antioxidant and immune support than regular red ginseng. Plus, with our patented bio technology, our ginseng powder is enhanced with the novel ginsenoside Rg3 under low temperatures, avoiding any potential health risks. We ensure quality with our lab testing and certifications, including GMP, HACCP, and ISO22000. Trust us, you won’t find a better quality ginseng powder anywhere else. Try The Root Original today and experience the difference for yourself.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 in

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